Installation instructions

You just got your newly purchased sticker home. 

..and now what?

Fear not!
Choose a stress-free day, make some coffee, put on your favourite music and take your time!
We are here to give you all the necessary information and guide you so that your very first sticker application comes as a breeze!


Step one:
Get to know your sticker!

Vinyl stickers come with: 1/. A clear transfer tape on the top layer
2/. The actual design made of vinyl 3/. White paper at the back.

You may notice that, in some cases, the sticker is made of several smaller parts which you have to place according to your space and personal taste. We, therefore, advise you to plan ahead by adding some marks on your wall. It should be noted that if we want to achieve a perfect application, the surface area should be ideally smooth and clean of dirt and dust. If your walls are freshly painted you should wait 1-2 weeks before application so that the color gets to dry completely. If you do not plan to apply your sticker in the next few days of your purchase, you should take it out of its cylinder packaging and place it on a flat surface.


Step two:

This is the most important step of the process!
Lay the sticker on a flat surface and, using the enclosed application tool we send you, press the design firmly by sliding the tool side by side. Add extra pressure, when applying force, to the design's thin lines.

Βήμα three:

Place the design on the surface you have chosen.

Step four:

Stick the transfer tape, with the design on it, on the wall and gently begin removing the back paper. You should pay extra attention that the sticker remains on the transfer tape and not on the paper!
Using the application tool, press the design firmly on the wall.
Try to remove as many of the bubbles as you can.

Step five:
Begin removing the transfer tape SLOWLY! Move as parallel to the design as possible. Do not try to remove the tape vertically as this will result in the removal of the sticker as well. If any part of the actual stickers begins detaching itself from the wall as you pull go back and press it firmly.

Step six:

Admire your new wall design!