Colours & materials

It may have come to your attention that there is a variety of different sticker materials in the market. 

We will try to guide you, in order for you to choose what best fits your needs.

Vinyl Stickers:
Vinyl is a, non toxic, waterproof, plastic type material, which comes in 30 distinct color variations and can be cut into any shape we choose. Due to its super thin thickness, it doesn't "stand out", or protrude when you place it on a wall. It simply gives the idea that the design is painted on that surface. Vinyl stickers are specifically designed so as to adhere on smooth, or slightly rough, walls and can last about 5 years in outdoor conditions (subsequently, when we are talking about indoor conditions, such as a house, their life cycle can spand to up to 10 years or more). Due to the fact that they are waterproof, they can be easily cleaned with a dump cloth. Their glue is very strong but, in the same time, retains its removability in case you choose to remove them without damaging your paint job or your wall, in any way. To remove them, simply heat the sticker with a blow dryer for a few seconds and remove it slowly from the wall.
Please note that all stickers DO NOT stick to walls which have been painted with colors containing silica.

Paper Stickers:
Paper stickers, although having been on the market for quite some time now, have a high price tag (for what you are getting) and do not possess the quality or the attributes of vinyl stickers. Due to their weight they often detach from the wall surface by themeselves since the glue is not strong enough. In addition, they can not be cleaned using water, since they are made of paper and paper absorbs moisture. If you eventually try to remove them, the glue has the tendancy to leave yellow residues in the wall, making a repaint the only option available.

Digitaly Printed Stickers:
A series of excelent, PVC based, quality materials, with an impeccable ressistance to the elements and large lifetime. They can be used in a variety of applications whether indoor or outdoor. Some examples of include large surfaces such as refridgerator doors, doors, glass surfaces, cars etc. or smaller surfaces such as laptops, cellphones, desks, mp3 players and so on. While vinyl stickers are one colored, digitaly printed stickers come in countless color variations due to the fact that they are printed. Their only "drawback" is that the back side of the sticker (where the glue is), is white and does not allow light to pass through enough, so as to place them in, lets say, a a glass surface in hope that the design is visible through both sides.

Canvas and PVC (banner):
The classic canvas consists of fabric and was used in painting.
Nowadays, we print on synthetic materials called "pvc" and "canvas".
Pvc has a glossier feel and is more resistant to weather conditions (waterproof) and sunshine.
"Canvas" has all the advantages of the plastic material and the optical effect of the fabric.

Please note that our company according to your requirements, can you provide any pattern or photo you want, in any dimension and material of your choice and to use only German top quality stickers.


View our available vinyl colours here.